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Breed BioConsulting works with large Fortune 500 corporations as well as small start-up companies to provide product marketing and technical writing services in the life sciences, biotechnology, and medical device industries.




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"Cindy does amazingly fast and comprehensive work, sometimes with minimum content. Cytogenetic microarrays are complex, but Cindy is smart and knew how to work with scientist and marketing to create critical written material for one of our biggest product launches in 2011."  
Annette Summers, Sr. Director, Integrated Communication, Affymetrix 2011

"I have worked with a large number of consultants in the bioscience industry, and Cindy is by far the best in my experience. Our marketing communications team commissioned her to develop a range of marketing literature for a critical product launch. Given a highly technical product line, little direction, and extremely tight deadlines, Cindy consistently produced incredibly well-written materials that exceeded the expectations of even our toughest clients. She performed a tremendous amount of proactive research, paid careful attention to the smallest details, and always delivered on time, from a short web blurb to a lengthy brochure. She was a pleasure to work with and demonstrated the highest level of professionalism throughout the entire process. I highly recommend her to any organization."
– Bronwyn Barnett, Senior Manager, Marketing Communications, Affymetrix 2011

"I worked with Cindy on many marketing projects at Invitrogen. Cindy is an extremely dedicated and detail oriented team player! She never took short cuts and never rested until the job was done and done right! Cindy knew her products and knew her markets. She was always a pleasure to work with and I knew that her thoroughness and dedication would always payoff in a quality product! I highly recommend her and hope to be able to work with her again!"
– Gerri Leon, Marketing Communications, Invitrogen

"Cindy is a huge value to her clients. Her experience in the life science industry is broad and she has always been a reliable team player. As my direct report at Invitrogen, she was an anchor to our product management team."
Nina Lovejoy, Marketing Manager, Invitrogen

"Cindy is not only technically savvy but has an excellent grasp of the marketplace and understands well the needs of the customer. As the Separations and Analysis Product Manager, Cindy helped guide the introduction of novel, groundbreaking products and fully supported them in a professional, efficient style. Cindy should be considered a valuable asset to any company."
Matt Petre, Product Manager, Protein Separations, Invitrogen   

"I worked with Cindy on several content and new-product initiatives and Cindy was always a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable on the product line and all the supporting information to get it to market!"  
Mike Hill, Web Project Manager, Invitrogen

"Cindy is always able to see 360% around any situation, product or business scenario. This is a gift and very refreshing, and I look forward to my next projects with her."
 – Laura Sailor, Sales, Invitrogen  

 "I would highly recommend Cindy for a commercial position. Cindy has done work for us in development of marketing literature - it was well written and organized to best communicate the information. Cindy has a strong technical background and can communicate well with customer - both internal and external. She would be an asset to any organization."
Jay Skeen, Magellan Biosciences, 2010

"Cindy's work was timely and high quality. In my direct interactions, I found her down-to-earth and forward looking. She has excellent interpersonal skills and worked well with customers. I'd have no hesitation in hiring her again."
Sheldon Engelhorn, co-founder, NOVEX

"As the inventory and production planner, I worked along with Cindy both on new product introduction teams and managing marketing literature. She was a great help when any information was needed and was extremely helpful to the planning process by informing me of upcoming marketing promotions and new product pipeline. I would look forward to the opportunity to work with her again."
William Arenas, Sr. Planner, NOVEX

"Cindy is an outgoing, enthusiastic, detail-oriented individual. She is a resourceful, dependable, professional and a wonderful person to work with. Her technical expertise, communication skills and ability for creative thinking and problem solving make her a very valuable asset for any organization."
Patricia Vilalta, Ph.D., former Operations Manager, PAGEgel, Inc.

"Cindy’s technical writing skills are exceptional. She provided us guidance, timeliness and a deliverable that was above and beyond what we expected. Cindy’s professionalism, attention to detail and dependability contributed to marketing collateral we are proud of. I would recommend Cindy to any colleague."
Denise Jordan, Product Manager, Sorenson BioScience, Inc. 2011

"At Stemgent, Cindy provided excellent and timely product literature that we used to launch several new product line extensions. Her diverse technical background allowed her to quickly get up to speed in new scientific areas, and her impeccable attention to detail were just the valued assets we look for in our contract hires. It would be a pleasure to work with Cindy again in the future." 
Julie Clark Ph.D., Application Development Scientist, Stemgent