A Comprehensive Portfolio

Breed BioConsulting has worked with large corporations as well as small start-up companies to provide a variety of technical writing and product marketing services. Click on the documents below to view samples of our written work.  


SilverQuest SimplyBlue Standards E-gel96 e-gel
Novex NuPage PageGel PowerLyzer
Product Catalogs
invitrogen Aldevron  
Journal Ads
e-gel e-gel PowerLyzer SimplyBlue    
Mailer/Box Inserts
dna e-gel 48 e-gel 96 e-gel cd gibco simplyblue sq
Business Reply Cards/Surveys
agarose chargeswitch cytokines food hcs ivgn pango warranty
Web Content/Landing Pages
Antibodies Cytokines  
Application Notes
bfgf diff multiplex phage soil
Newsletter Articles
antibodies cytokines dc e-gel 48 e-gel 96 robot sq
Data Sheets
antibody cyto dox    
Instruction Manuals/Protocols
bp powerlyzer qp qp stemgent
Posters/White Papers
e-gel e-gel robot robot
Email Blasts
antibodies cytokines ddt
Product Announcements/Corporate Letters
breathe egel pagegel stemfactor

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